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“Empowering Women Through Martial Arts to Combat Violence Against Women”



Society will not change to dismantle patriarchy and other hierarchical obstacles, strong women will fight back and dismantle these obstacles so everyone can make it. Girls are “socialized that it’s very dangerous to be an angry woman, that we have to be nice, we have to be polite, we have to wait.” Mona Eltahawy. “By the age of 10, girls have fully absorbed and believe they are weak and vulnerable. And boys have fully absorbed and believe the world is theirs, that they are entitled to adventure, and that they’re basically immortal.” Women should hold onto “that pilot light of anger” they’re born with, “because it’s your north star. It’s your compass to liberation.” We need to empower women so they can protect themselves and others. How do we empower women? We need to equip them physically and mentally. Martial arts is a perfect tool to achieve both and it also has many other benefits. Help us to fight the good fight and make a difference!

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